Publisert: 8/10/2017

Piano trios from all over the world are welcome to apply for the Trondheim International Chamber music Academy (TICC Academy) which focuses especially on advanced student trios and young professional trios.

The academy offers a unique opportunity with a combination of:
- Master classes in the ensembles’ chosen repertoire
- Chamber music together with the instructors 
- The Academy is held during Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, and the ensembles have free entry to the festival’s concerts

In addition to offering instruction of top international standard, TICC Academy wishes to serve as a springboard for the ensembles’ further career. One or more quartets may be selected by the instructors to directly qualify for the Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition 2021.

The quartets choose one string quartet of their own choice. The program for works to be played with the instructors will be announced after the academy quartets have been chosen.

The Academy's Closing Concert is held on the Sunday of the week, and will take place as part of the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival.

Rules and application repertoire
1. 11th Trondheim International Chamber Music Academy, TICC Academy 2020, is open to string quartets.

2. Applications will be accepted from musicians of all nationalities provided the combined maximum age of the quartet members as of 1st September 2020 does not exceed 87 years. The age limit for each musician of the quartet must be under 34 and over 15 years on 1st September 2020.

3. Musicians may only enter the Academy as a member of one string quartet.

4. Musicians are responsible for all travel expenses. There are possibilities for applying for travel funding, which can be provided based on the need and the total travel costs of the groups.

5. The competition will offer lodging in 2-bed room, as well as breakfast and one hot meal a day.

6. The application must be sent no later than the day of the deadline; 20 April 2020. The following documents must be attached the application:
     - A copy of birth certificate or similar official document confirming the date and place of birth of each candidate.
     - Curriculum vitae with particulars of training, awards and diplomas and recent concert appearances of the quartet.
     - Two recent professional references.
     - Two recent digital high-resolution photographs of the quartet.
     - A recent audio recording of high quality (WAV or AIFF), or in formats with lossless compression, such as FLAC or ALAC (.m4a), minimum Bitrate 256kbps, minimum Bitrate 164kbps), of the quartet containing two contrasting movements with a total duration of min. 12 minutes. This should be:
Each movement should be recorded in one "take" and must not be edited or altered in any way. TICC Academy reserves the right to disqualify applicants entering studio enhanced or modified tapes. Applicants are anonymous to the jury when considered for TICC Academy. A letter from a teacher or professional musician certifying the authenticity of the recording.

7. There will be a non-refundable entry fee of EURO 160 per quartet which should not be sent before the application has been accepted.

8. Each quartet will be required to prepare 1-2 works of free choice of a minimum duration of 20 minutes. Each quartet will also be expected to prepare works to be played together with the instructors. These works will be announced once the participating quartets have been chosen.

9. All participants shall agree to have their performances recorded, filmed or broadcast on in any medium, live, in whole or in part, in sound, and/or in images. No payment will be made to participants for the recording or broadcasting of the Academy performances.

10. Rehearsal facilities, including the provision of music stands, will be available to all participants.

11. English is the official language.

Academy repertoire
a) Compulsory:
1-2 string quartets of free choice, min. duration of 20’
b) One work which the quartet will play together with one of the instructors. The piece will be announced after selection of the participants (for example string quintets or similar)

As a part of our academy we offer the quite unique possiblity of studying chamber music playing together with the instructors. This is in addition to masterclasses with the quartets chosen repertoire. From 10 years of experience, we know this makes our young talents perform better than ever before. The repertoire will be decided by the instructors and the academy, and also which group is playing with which instructor.

Master classes
The master classes are open for audience. The master class schedule will be announced on our web site at the beginning of September. Listening to a master class gives a deeper understanding of the music, it is a wonderful experience of talent and hard work, and it is a close meeting with some of the great chamber music personalities of the world giving their view and interpretations of the old masters to the young talents.