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Academy 2018 About the Academy

Academy 2018

Trondheim Chamber Music Festival presents 10th Trondheim International Chamber Music Academy – TICC Competition – 24 to 30 September 2018. The Academy is open to piano trios.

Applications open in 2018.


About the Academy

String Quartets from all over the world are welcome to apply for the Trondheim International Chamber music Academy (TICC Academy) which focuses especially on advanced student quartets and young professional quartets. The academy offers a unique opportunity with a combination of:

- Master classes in the ensembles’ chosen repertoire
- Chamber music together with the instructors
- The Academy is held during Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, and the ensembles have free entry to the festival’s concerts

In addition to offering instruction of top international standard, TICC Academy wishes to serve as a springboard for the ensembles’ further career. One or more quartets will be selected by the instructors to directly qualify for the Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition 2017.

The quartets choose one quartet of their own choice. The program for works to be played with the instructors will be announced after the academy quartets have been chosen.

The Academy's Closing Concert is held on the Sunday of the week, and will take place as part of the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival.

As a part of our academy we offer the quite unique possiblity of studying chamber music playing together with the instructors. This is in addition to masterclasses with the quartets chosen repertoire. From 10 years of experience, we know this makes our young talents perform better than ever before. The repertoire will be decided by the instructors and the academy, and also which group is playing with which instructor.

Master classes
The master classes are open for audience. The schedule for audiences will be announced here at the beginning of September in the Academy years.

Listening to a master class gives a deeper understanding of the music, it is a wonderful experience of talent and hard work, and it is a close meeting with some of the great chamber music personalities of the world giving their view and interpretations of the old masters to the young talents.

Do not miss out. Admission is free. Please respect the concert-like situation of the masterclass.